U n k n o w n S h o r e s

A short biography of your humble servant.

I am your Qareen.

"I came alone, and I go as a stranger. I do not know who I am, nor where I have been going."

There are only a few things I genuinely am interested in. International Relations; this is something that few people actually understand. Some would call me a realist, but the mechanisms of the world operate on hard logic and pride. There are no rules when the game is exclusively played by cheaters.

History; the patterns of history spiral out of a murky past and paint a beautiful picture of tomorrow. Its not about content of history, but the symmetry of it all - how the story arcs weave into each other, how the gears turn on predictable schedules. Remember, a person who focuses on the specific contents of history is a moron. They will always say, "That day will never come!" when it has come before, and it will come again.

The Occult; the patterns of history only explain so much. The modern psychology and sociology provide incomplete answers at best, and broadly damaging "insights" at worst. This leads me to believe that the ancient and traditional people saw something real in the spacing of the spheres, and the movement of the strings.

The Jinn; it is said that angels and prophets reach down from heaven, and yet only human hands reach back from hell. Thats weirdly fucked up, if you think about it. Why Jinn? Because they live in my walls, they watch me from the trees, and they whisper in your ear, although you only hear them in your heart.

"Every light is not the sun."